When an emotionally abusive father reneges on a lifelong promise, a determined millennial is forced to choose between her relationship with her father or her freedom


Spoiled Milk is a USC Graduate Thesis about having an expiration date as a daughter and the invisible scars of emotional abuse. It’s about learning when to let go, that it’s okay to put yourself first and cut ties, and that sometimes blood isn’t always thicker than water.

This short film is slated to film in the first two weeks of April, with the post production finishing in time to make the Sundance deadline.


We start our story in the early 2000s with a 7 year old Izzy and her newly-single father (Jim) inside a career themed photobooth. Izzy’s biggest fear is that her father will abandon her.

And so, a promise is made.

Jim promises Izzy that no matter what - anything Izzy does or wants to become - he will always support her and be by her side. The photobooth captures this promise: a string of photos that Izzy will clutch onto for years to come.

Cut to fifteen years later: Izzy has just made graduate school at the Berklee School of Music, and Jim is not happy. In fact, Jim breaks his promise. He will support Izzy only if she lives her life by his rules, and the ultimatum is clear: it’s either him or her lifelong dream.

Will Izzy’s fight to the death mentality succeed in saving her relationship with her father? Or will the abuse prove to be too much and force Izzy’s hand in having to let him go?