Director's Statement

Personally, I think that film provides us with an amazing opportunity to make people feel less alone in the world. We spend our entire lives trapped within ourselves, and it is impossible to know if anyone else experiences the world in the same fashion that we do. Through film, a thought, an experience, an opinion is not only vocalized, but also physicalized. My manifesto is to use my distinct experiences in order to tap into a story that I can only tell, so that I can help support the copious amounts of people in this world desperately seeking solace and affirmation.

This film is very close to my heart. Once I was able to gain the strength to cut ties with the emotional abusers in my life, I took a step back and noticed all the women who are subjected to emotional abuse on a daily basis who are neither able to talk about it nor fight it. When I looked at the currently available films, I noticed that it was quite easy to find movies that highlight bullying or physical and sexual abuse, but that it was nearly impossible to find anything that accurately portrayed emotional abuse. It hit me in that moment that this gap is what keeps us from addressing this type of abuse in our own lives. Therefore, I decided to band together with an amazing group of all female filmmakers in order to find a way to get this message out into the world.

There are many reasons I decided to embark on the journey of an all female crew. First of all, with a female centric and female empowered story, I wanted a female empowered crew that could use their own voices to help facilitate this story. Second of all, if I want the industry to diversify, then I better do something about it. Third of all, I am in a unique position where I have enough say to enact a small amount of change and who knows when I will have that opportunity next. Plus, I firmly believe that we did not have to compromise on talent in order to make this come to fruition.

I have three goals for this film. First and foremost, I aim for this film to reach out to the many people who have experience emotional abuse in their own lives. I want them to know that this is not something to be ashamed of, and I hope that this film can help those viewers recognize that it is okay to speak up--and that if they want to--it is even okay to cut ties with those abusers (no matter who they might be). Secondly, I fully intend on this film to run the festival circuit. Lastly--and crucially--this film is my hello to the industry (hi!). After many years of keeping my nose to the grindstone attempting to stock my metaphorical “director’s toolbox” with as many gems of knowledge as I could, I have finally reached the precipice of entering into this wonderfully risky and extremely rewarding industry. Hopefully, this is my ticket to jump-starting my career.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for visiting our website.

Sincerely, Florence Heller

“As a DGA-Director-turned-teacher, nothing fosters a greater sense of excitement & fulfillment-of-purpose than witnessing and nurturing the development of an important new filmmaking voice, and Florence Heller is just such a burgeoning filmmaker. Please help in the genesis.”

- Michael Toshiyuki Uno - Director ("The Wash", "Vietnam War Story", "The Road To Galveston"); DGA since 1984